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Bowling with Angels

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Perhaps, it’s the transient nature of the storm that allows us to transcend our current frame of mind. There is a suspended animation that happens within me at the first inhalation of soporific rain. I tend to stop whatever I am doing, open the nearest window, and just breathe a sigh of relief.

An UnBEARable Blustery Day

When we do emerge from our wintry dens, the conversation seems to lean towards books and food. In honor of my fellow winter introverts and childhood pal Pooh, I decided to share some of my scrumptious soup recipes, because as all Winnie’s forest friends know “…everything is always friendlier with two.”

What if Yoda Lost the Force?

You may wonder, what is to be gained from formal meditation or the practice of yoga? These practices are a sweet, little microcosm of our lives. The thoughts that arise, or maybe the discomfort in our limbs, are manageable experiences that mimic the sufferings or challenges in our daily lives.

One Nightstand: Revisited

With the new addition of, Bookshelf, to the Be Well menu, I thought it would be apropos to revisit the blog that inspired me. As books and napping are major contenders for my ultimate happy place, the bedroom is the perfect spot to cultivate my happiness and feather my nest with pillows and pages. I…