Soups On!

There is just something about soup. It seems to hold a secret…as a bud before the bloom. The fragrant steam. The radiating warmth from cup to hand. A reassurance that all will be well again. If we were fortunate enough to have the care and love of someone in our youth to nurse us back to health, soup was typically the magical elixir that cleared our heads and fortified our bones.

Whether you are under the weather, living with a chronic illness, or looking for a more mindful approach to nutrition, I highly recommend the power of soup. Cold foods can be harder to digest for those with weakened or compromised stomach linings. Room temperature and warm foods are easier for the body to acclimatize. Not only are most soups warm, but the ingredients are often soft, or in the form of a puree. When our digestive systems are in a sensitive state, the less work they must do – the better.

Be gentle with your system. A good rule of thumb is that processed foods are harder to process. They also are lacking in many of the essential nutrients are bodies and brains require for optimal performance. When are bodies are in a stressed state, our digestive systems seem to know before we care to admit to ourselves. Sometimes, defying us at the most inopportune times.

Additionally, there is a gut-brain connection driving the production of hormones and neurotransmitters speeding through our systems. The foods we select affect not only are physical health, but our emotional state as well. Happy bellies make for happy minds. If you are interested in learning more about this connection, click here for a concisely written break down of the evidence-based research on this topic.

A mindful approach to eating is taking an interest in where our food comes from, how its grown and taking control of what we put into our bodies. It does not mean we have to forgo our delicious treats. I am the first to admit, cookies are my biggest weakness. Mindful eating is choosing balance, choosing true sustenance and choosing to care for ourselves from the inside out.