Grandma Peccia’s Minestrone

Grandma Peccia’s Minestrone

gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free

This warming hearty soup is named after my friend Teresa’s grandmother. Not because she passed it down to me, but because it was the only dish I ever cooked that her 100-year-old Italian grandmother enjoyed. This is a strong woman who continued to make the sauce on Sundays until she was 99. If Grandma liked it, I think you will too. Serves about 6 and freezes well if you can control yourself not to eat it all.


(Be sure to always read the ingredients on packaged foods to confirm they remain allergen-free as processing can change over time.)

½ lb. Premio Sweet Italian sausage

1 quart of low or reduced sodium beef brothIMG_2676

1 14 oz. can crushed tomatoes (dice into smaller pieces)

2 large carrots sliced on diagonal

1 medium zucchini sliced on diagonal

1 tsp dried basil

1 tsp dried oregano

1 T dried parsley

1 large bay leaf

1 14 oz. can or jar of cannellini beans (I prefer Jovial)

½ cup of your favorite GF pasta (elbows or shells) (Try Barilla)

½ tsp salt and ¼ tsp pepper

  1. Brown the sausage according to the package instructions then cut into ½ inch pieces.
  2. Pour broth into a large pot and add all the ingredients, except for the pasta. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Add the pasta and cook until al dente.
  3. Bask in the scent of your kitchen and enjoy a warm bowlful with family or friends.