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It Isn’t Easy Being Green…or Blue

Curate a small indoor meditation garden to stave off the winter blues. Succulents take little space, and can be a refreshing focal point to gaze at on the grayest of days.

It’s that time of year in New York. The sky is a perpetual lack luster shade of gray and the explosive color of riotous fall leaves has gently slipped away in the middle of the night. Is it any wonder we are feeling blue? Kermit-the-Frog said it best, “It isn’t easy being green,” especially in the winter.

It is not uncommon for many of us to have moments or periods of melancholy at this time of year. The lack of natural light exposure, and shorter days create an onset of the blues that even Muddy Waters would rival.

closeup photo of blue poison dart frog on green surface
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To counteract those azure waves, consider bringing a bit of leafy comraderie into your home. Plants literally help clean the air of pollutants, and I feel they can help clear away bad mojo as well.

succulent meditation garden
Small succulents sitting sweetly in repurposed tea saucers make a cheerful focal point on the grayest of days. Photo by Samantha Butler

Introducing natural materials such as shells, driftwood, small stones or objects made of wood with interesting grains, into your surroundings, can also help to stave off the winter blues. Consider planting indoor herbs or terrariums. Great fun for children or your own inner child.

Create a Green Meditation Space

The act of planting indoors is less rushed and more controlled than out of doors. You can be thoughtful and curate an environment suitable for both them and you. Plants can help us to slow down. Take a few minutes to prune a miniature bonsai tree. Or, create a small meditation space with plants as your focal point.

eight plants in pots by the window
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

If you’re thumbs are not of the green persuasion, try succulents or aloe plants. They are very forgiving, take little space, and can be a refreshing focal point to gaze at on the grayest of days. Even small, single houseplants can make us feel more grounded and connected to the natural world. It is also quite gratifying to take care of something outside of ourselves. Incidentally, they are also excellent, non-judgmental listeners and meditation partners.

For more planting ideas, follow my, Be In The Garden, board on pinterest.

Happy planting!

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