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My Deep, Dark Chocolate Layer

I often refer to meditation as my deep, dark chocolate layer. It’s the time when my ho-hum vanilla batter transforms into something delicious. It’s the time I discover what really matters to me.

Meditative rest can empty our minds of mundane thoughts and allow clarity and compassion for ourselves and others to rise – much like a cake. Could it be that our minds are hungry for rest?

In any form, whether it be formal meditation, a nature walk or simply sitting in stillness, rest is the all-purpose flour of life. It allows us to sit back and bind together all the nuances of our day and helps us sort out sticky messes. Is it any wonder when we just stop and sit still that the answer we were looking for all day finally comes to us as if from nowhere?

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In these moments of calm clarity, we gain insight into ourselves and may ask, “is our current recipe for life utilizing all the necessary ingredients? Or, are we lacking that subtle flavor or texture that nourishes not only our body, but our soul? Further, is our soul souffle collapsing?

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Ponder your comfort food. How it transports you to another realm for the briefest of seconds. Nectar of the Gods! Meditative rest not only provides that same impact, the effects can last much longer than the mere moments of savory morsels on our palate.

When I speak with people about the merits of meditation, the response is typically in the key of, “I don’t have time to bake, let alone meditate!” Your inner baker disagrees. How many minutes did you spend on text messages or scrolling through the internet today? Are you all caught up on the latest season of drama or reality nonsense?

I’m throwing down the proverbial gauntlet! In this case my pot holders. I encourage you to carve out 30 seconds from your day. If possible, at the same time every day. Break the fight or flight stress cycle before it breaks you. Allow yourself to rise to a new level. Find the purpose behind all you do. You will be surprised how the 30 seconds your monkey brain found so challenging at first now craves longer periods of calm.

The answer may not arrive the first time you contemplate your deep, dark chocolate layer. You may need to try a few different recipes for stilling the body and the mind. The worse thing to happen is you end up with flour on your face and burnt cookies. However, I much prefer encountering the world smelling of chocolate with flour face than walking through life looking down at my cell phone and missing my purpose.

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A few of my favorite gluten free baking ingredients in case your recipe for meditation happens to include a bit of baking.

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  1. Your writing gets better and better my dear❤️

  2. Perhaps a bit counterproductive for this self. While I revel in the silence… My thoughts keep circling back to cake.

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