Bubble, Bubble. Toils and Troubles.

With Halloween over, it’s time for me to store my inner witch’s broom back in the cupboard. I can’t help but recall the magic and mystery surrounding this holiday in my youth. The weeks of thought and creativity put into my costume and the urban legends about that one house in every neighborhood that gave out poison apples or candy.

It made me remember other magical moments of childhood before cell phones and constant streams of information. I fondly reminisced about catching fire flies, building sheet forts in winter and games of hide-and-seek during crisp autumn nights. Oddly, memories of bath time also entered my mind.

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There was something magical about bath time as a child. As a baby, the kitchen sink transformed into a perfect bathtub followed by a cozy cocoon of towels. As toddlers, we graduated to the big tub – filled with bountiful bubbles, plastic mermaids and toy ships.

At some point in childhood, bath time lost its attraction. There seemed to be so many more important things to do. The call to bath time was now followed by pleading and whining to stay outside for one more game of tag, one more TV show or video game. The allure of the comforting bedtime ritual was over.

What happened to the magic?

Simply put – life. We are no longer living by our senses and primal instincts alone. Work, school, cleaning, driving, family. . .the toil of the day leaves us feeling troubled and overworked. I find it ironic that the games we loved playing as children, such as dress-up and “house.” Or, “driving”, while parked in the driveway and seated on a parent’s lap. As adults, these joyful games are now mere chores.

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We need to bring back the magic of childhood and bubble away our inner witch’s troubles.

Go crazy with the bubbles! (Or Epsom salts and essential oils). Find your inner mermaid or man. Sometimes you need to disengage from your typical routine to re-engage with your true self. Disconnect.

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The next time you begin to boil over, instead of reaching for the wine glass or binge watch an entire season of the latest show, let yourself marinate in the tub. Whether its twenty minutes or an hour. Shut the bathroom door. It’s bath time. Breathe. Rest. Sing. May I suggest the revised lyrics from Shakespeare’s Macbeth:

Bubble, bubble toils and troubles. Calm my fire and peace be doubled. – MacbAth

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  1. Love your blog Sam, nice to read some calming reassuring thoughts and Ideas…

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