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Mind Blowing

I must have been a dog in a past life. There are days I am so restless, either mentally or physically. No amount of lavender oil or deep breathing calms the little witch brewing inside me…except a long walk to nowhere.

If you never owned or walked a dog, let me explain. When a dog walks, he has no idea of the destination (at least, I don’t think so.) He happily trots along, sniffs the flowers, scratches at the dirt or sidewalk, and woofs at a cute pup passing by. His senses are engaged, without effort.

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At some point during the walk, he will just stop and sit. Ears blowing back in the wind, eyes closed, the breeze is literally blowing his mind. Join him. Come back to that nagging thought cycle in a moment and let your senses take over.

Feel the sun on your face. Smell the air. Listen to your surroundings for an entire minute. At first, it will feel like the longest minute of your life. Thoughts are going to pile up like bumper-to-bumper traffic. Let them. Be present. Pick a sense and follow it.

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If your most prevalent sensory feeling is the way the sun warms your face, try carrying that feeling throughout your entire body. Visualize the paths the rays took to arrive on your face. Through the clouds, the atmosphere, and deep into space. The deeper you go, the more your tension will release. Hold on to this new feeling. Gently collar and leash it as you would your beloved fur buddy. Remember this feeling when you are tense and let it lead you back to your happy place.

The next time your thoughts, or other people, are barking at you, it’s time to walk your inner dog. Go out there and let your ears and mind blow in the wind.

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  1. I must say you are very observant person and it shows in your writing.
    Good work.

  2. Your are well come. Take care. 😃

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