Building Your Nest

My friend, Alyce Ann, educated me on the importance of nest building during my freshman year of college. One day, I walked into her dorm room and it appeared she was waging a one-person war against her bed. There were pillows of all different sizes and shapes, an enormous comforter, along with well-worn blankets and afghans.

Have you every seen a dog or cat circle and circle in one spot and wonder. . .why? Are they trying to find the warmest spot in the beam of sunlight? Are they angling themselves, so they can smell the exact moment you leave your delicious snack on the table and can spring into action? Well, this is how Alyce Ann appeared to me. Circling, tossing and fluffing pillows to her delight. When I asked her what she was doing she replied, “why, I’m building my nest of course!”

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Of course! Especially when we are in a new place, whether a new home, our first year at college or perhaps we are in a new place emotionally or physically, setting a foundation is crucial. Building our nest is the moment we are connecting, rooting, curling into that fetal position that brings all things anew.

Most often, at this time of night, we are running through our day mentally, kicking ourselves for not completing all our tasks at home or work, maybe snapping at a friend or partner or on a more deeper level, “why me?” Whether you are suffering from a chronic illness, going through an emotionally or financially tough time, the time in our nest should be our most sacred space. This is the time our bodies literally repair themselves. At the most basic level, our body requires consistent quality sleep to repair itself.

I’m sure many of you have heard of the, “Gold Standard,” regarding testing and medication. To be present and live mindfully, we must also sleep mindfully. It is the gold standard of healing mentally, physically and emotionally.  When you’re ready to get serious about nesting, check out the resources for sleep under the, Be Well menu. You will have access to resources explaining physiological benefits of sleep, a guide to create a bedtime routine and of course ideas on building, in Alyce Ann’s words, “a most excellent nest.” Sleep well and let the healing begin!

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