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Go with the Flow

     When I think of flow, I imagine slow moving streams gently cutting through the forest floor, watercolors washing across crisp white paper or lovely warm butter creeping across the crannies of beautifully brown toast. It’s an invisible force that sneaks up without intention. In relation to mindful living, flow is an essential aspect of creating space in the multitasking mind. Often it arrives without conscious effort and is the sweet spot during an activity where we are on autopilot. It typically arrives while we are doing tasks we are proficient at or connect us to nature such as, gardening, hiking or mundane tasks of folding laundry or washing dishes.

Finding your flow activity is a key ingredient to productive rest. Yes, I just described rest as productive. Those of you who experience your best ideas in the shower or solve something that has been puzzling you all day just before falling asleep or upon waking have experienced flow. Our brain is a busy place. Imagine packing all of the highways on the planet inside that little head of yours and you have a rough idea of the quantity of neural paths zipping above your shoulders.

Often referred to as, monkey brain, in many yoga traditions, the continual planning, worrying and thinking cycles actually hinder our productivity. When you enter a flow state of mind, your brain has the space to make connections that were blocked with heavy traffic. Take some time today to experiment with flow. Try a meditation app, break out those adult coloring books or take a stroll without the need to get anywhere. . .just follow your feet and go with the flow.

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