Mindful Living Practice

Mindful Living Practice

Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to ponder the benefits of mindful living. Maybe you are already familiar with the concept and want to expand upon a yoga or meditation practice. Or, maybe you have tried one of these practices, but find it challenging to carry over the relaxed feeling you felt in the studio into daily life.

Be easy on yourself. A mindful approach to living should be gentle and subtly flow into your daily life. The philosophy can be summed up in two words: be present.

A friend recently asked me to explain, as simply as possible, the concept of mindful living. I asked him to close his eyes and think about washing dishes at the kitchen sink. What is your posture like? Do you have more weight on the right foot or the left? Are your shoulders hunched over? Could you align your body, so your back is straight, and your weight is evenly distributed? Focus on the feeling of the warm water. The scent of the soap. The gratitude for having dishes to wash, and the food that was on them. The look on his face after this quick visualization not only told him what he needed to know, but he also felt the answer. He said, “Ya know, that was kind of relaxing.” When we engage our senses in the present moment, the endless mind chatter stops.

Together, we will explore the Be Well pathways to living by exploring mindful eating, mindfulness meditation, and mindful awareness exercises.  Take time for yourself. If you only have a few minutes in your day, peruse a blog post for a light-hearted approach to becoming more present in your daily activities.

Your mind and your senses are two aspects of your life that only you control. Through daily mindful body practices, we can be well, and when we are well, we can take care, of ourselves and others.

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